Builders, not just backers.

After decades of cutting our teeth as operators, we've distilled down a process and partnership that betters the odds for our companies. We're builders, not bankers.

Our team brings deep experience in customer acquisition, retention, expansion, and financial management to help your business grow faster and more sustainably.

Our Team

Andrew Dumont

Founder and CEO

Kathy Xu

Finance Lead

How we work

Decades, Not Days

We’re long-term minded. That is apparent in everything we do — the companies we choose to operate, the way we treat people, the decisions we make, the way we show up. Our word is our bond and legacy is our guide.

Relentlessly Curious

This is a platform for the intellectually curious. The people that aren’t satisfied with good enough. We love the work we do, we think creatively, we question the status quo. The way it’s been done isn’t necessarily the way it needs to be done, we aren’t afraid to chart our own path.

Simply Transparent

We operate with radical honesty and don’t overcomplicate. We believe in turning on the lights to expose the facts and distilling down complicated things to simple actions. Bureaucracy kills and movement is our version of perfection.

Fully Autonomous

We are built with people that are great at what they do. Curious is a platform that allows them to fully realize that potential. We believe in our individual expertise and operate with earned trust as a core belief.

Once Curious, Always Curious

Our people make us, both at the head office and portfolio company level. We know that. Every person that joins us is always part of the Curious family, while they're here, and more importantly, long after. Once Curious, always Curious.

Mountain Climbers

We seek out adversity. We lean into challenging situations. We care more about quality of person than pedigree. We care more about where we’re going than where we came from. We're underdogs. We love the journey more than the destination and constantly seek new mountains to climb.