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Hi, we're Curious.

We invest, acquire, and operate software businesses for the long-term.

As investors and operators, we join you in the trenches to better the odds. Curious has three distinct pillars. An investment arm that supports seed stage companies, a holding company that operates majority owned businesses, and a machine that helps them reach scale. We're the empathetic partner you'll want on your cap table and in your corner.


We invest early into technology companies that have ambitious plans and will have a positive impact on the world.


We buy businesses for the long term, with no intention to sell. We think in decades to fulfill your vision and legacy.


We leverage our deep experience in operating and growing software to create an unfair advantage for our companies.

About Curious

Since 2017, and long before that as operators, we've been bettering the odds for companies we work with.

We do this as minority investors in our seed companies, majority owners in the companies we operate, and occasionally with outside companies we advise and consult.

Curious was founded by
Andrew Dumont, a former technology CEO with nearly 20 years of hard earned experience operating and scaling early-stage companies.

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