Hi, we're Curious. We buy and grow software businesses for the long-term.

Selling your company should feel good.

Built by operators, Curious is a permanent and experienced home for founders that are looking to exit their business.

We roll up our sleeves to uncover exceptional businesses and guide them into the future. Our process is simple and fair, designed to be efficient so that it doesn't distract from your day-to-day operations. This is how we work.



We respond in hours and quickly make a decision on whether it makes sense to put in an offer within the first week.



Our diligence process lasts no longer than 30 days and is focused on the core business. We only ask for what we need.



We close within 30 days and pay cash. Founders decide whether to stay with the business or leave. No golden handcuffs.

Built to keep your brand and vision alive for decades.

We look for software companies with between $500K and $5M in revenue, both venture-backed or bootstrapped. We aren't afraid of difficult situations and are vertical agnostic.

We work to bring liquidity to founders and investors, while injecting the business with fresh eyes and frameworks to keep the brand alive and growing for years to come.

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Curious is designed to transact quickly and empathetically.

Interested in selling your business or have an opportunity we should look at? We'd love to hear from you.

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